Experience greater expansion with PCIe add-on cards

View the HQ-Box 3X (3 slots)

View the HQ-Box 2X (2 slots)

You can heat, freeze and shake it

The HQ-Box Xeon-D server does not care..
It will flawlessly run in temperature range of -30°C to 72°C, and withstand shock and vibration conditions as defined by ETSI standard ETS 300 019-1-5, 5M2 profile.
The HQ-Box can be further hardened to match military grade shock and vibration condition.

The Xeon®-D based HQ-Box server family

A sturdy intel® Xeon®-D server

View The HQ-Box Bare

A highly compact server

View The HQ-Box 1F

Combine fast storage and expansionary add-on cards

View The HQ-Box Combo (2x U.2 drives & PCIe Slot)

The ability to add multiple PCIe/NVMe storage devices

View The HQ-Box Storage 4x U.2

View the compact HQ-Box Storage/2, 2x U.2

The HQ-Box

An Intel® Xeon-d® based embedded server

The HQ-Box series is a family of embedded fanless servers. Packed in a rugged, compact and sturdy enclosure.

Designed with flexibility and customisation in mind, the HQ-Box server offers numerous configurations to accommodate for a variety of use-cases.
The HQ-Box offers unique advantages over other Box-PCs including:

  • The only fanless server offering a 65W / 16Core intel Xeon-D
  • The only embedded server offering up to 6x NVMe, PCIe based SSD
  • Up to 4x U.2 (2.5″) drive bays, for either SATA or NVMe
  • Expandable with up to 3x PCIe 3.0 slots for Full height Add-on cards (FHHL)
  • Long term reliability with an All-Ceramic capacitors design


HQ-Box server passed Vibration, Shock and Bump tests

For immediate release

MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2018.Apr.17 – Heptagon Systems HQ-Box, an Intel® Xeon®-D based compact fanless industrial server has successfully pass Vibration, Shock and Bump tests.

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Heptagon Systems joins Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance

For immediate release

Intel IoT Solutions alliance

MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2018. Jan.19 – Heptagon Systems was welcomed into the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance.

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Industrial NVMe SSDs Pass Extreme Thermal Testing

For Immediate Release

BiTMICRO® Industrial NVMe SSDs
Pass Extreme Thermal Testing with High Performance at Heptagon Systems

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